ARENA CT0145 Toilet Long Brush

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Color: Yellow
Number of Pieces: 1
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CLASSY TOUCH Toilet brush with Long Ergonomic Handle with Special bristles to make it easier to reach in every corner, Best Suitable for both Indian and western-style toilets . The curved long handle provides better reach bristles that help clean the inner rim easier thick and tough nylon bristles clean better and last longer. Thick and tough nylon bristles clean effectively long handle provides for better reach to clean toilets easily

Additional Features

  • Soft bristles with strong cleaning power and protects the surface of the toilet.
  • The brush doesn’t capture dirt or bacteria, easily cleaned with regular water.
  • Use to Clean Indian and western-style toilets.

Care Instructions

  • Clean your kitchen utensils in normal water with an antibacterial detergent.
  • Store your tools in a regularly cleaned plastic or metal box to keep the germs away.
  • Don't use harshscrubber.
  • Keep it in a dry place.


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