EUREKA FORBES Maxima RO + UV + MTDS 6 RO + UV + MTDS 6L Water Purifier

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Color: White
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Supreme Design and advanced technology are what best define Maxima +RO+UV+MTDS+ME. It delivers optimum purification through its dual RO+UV technology. A manual TDS modulator ensures that the consumer gets sweet-tasting water irrespective of the source of water. This machine comes with Mineral Enhancer technology which adds essential minerals and enhances the taste of water.

Additional Features

  • Mineral Enhancer: ME adds essential minerals to water making it healthier & tastier for consumption.
  • Energy Saving Mode: This mode automatically switches off the power supply to the water purifier once the water tank is full.
  • This prevents the wastage of energy, thereby helping you save on your monthly bills.
  • Transparent Water Tank: Supreme transparent tank with a storage capacity of approx. 7 litres.

Care Instructions

  • Replace all the filters annually or at the max of 12 months.
  • Replace the RO membranes annually.
  • Sanitize the water storage tanks.
  • Make sure to clean and sanitize the pipes every 2 years.
  • Replace and buy any new parts when necessary.
  • Check the pressure nozzle at regular intervals.


Chargeable as per Distance.


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