IFB Senorita WXS Silver Fully Automatic Front Load 6.5Kg Washing Machine

IFBSKU: 110181
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Color: Silver
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Bring home the IFB Senorita WXS 6.5 kg washing machine to simplify your laundry chores. It comes with features, such as Aqua Energie, Cradle Wash, 3D Wash system and Crescent Moon Drum to wash your clothes, gently, yet effectively. The Anti-allergen and Baby Wear features takes care of your baby's clothes and delicate fabrics.

Additional Features

  • Water is energized by this built-in device. The filter treatment dissolves detergent better to give clothes a softer wash.
  • 9 unique drum movements to keep your clothes looking new for longer.
  • Built with innovative crescent moon drum design that creates a gentle water cushion, preventing damage to fabrics & optimally placed holes provide the mechanical action required to get the desired wash results
  • Lets you pause the cycle, open the door and add laundry during the wash cycle.
  • A revolutionary wash system with dynamic water jets and showers from paddles that completely soak clothes and optimally dissolve detergent for the most complete wash.
  • This feature makes sure that the tub remains clean for the next wash. After 40 wash cycles, the unit will remind you to run the Auto Tub Clean program.
  • Eliminates germs, bacteria and odour from dirty laundry by washing in high temperatures, in one wash.
  • LED lit program selector knob helps indicate and select wash programs for convenience.
  • IFB washing machines comes with 14 wash programs, each suited to give your clothes a complete cleanse, making them look brand new.

Care Instructions

  • Avoid adding excessive clothes than the capacity
  • Clean the interior and dispensers.
  • Cleaning regularly will help you maintain it for a long time.
  • Wipe down the drum, door and gasket- Doing this once a month will help ensure the washer won’t give off odours that can seep into your laundry.
  • Check your clothes for any objects before putting them in the washing machine as it may shatter the machine's glass or cause blockages in the drain pipe. Sort the clothes and wash in the proper feature Mode • Don't use bleach for all the clothes.


Chargeable as per Distance.


Installation Details

As you have purchased the product from us, the Standard installation of the product is free. After delivery of the product, installation of the product will be arranged within 48 hours.

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