IFB Turbo Dry Ex Metallic Silver 5.5Kg Cloth Dryer

IFBSKU: 110304
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Color: Metallic Silver
Sale priceRs. 23,990.00

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Now you can wash dishes at the press of a button. Let an IFB Dishwasher win you over with its ease of use, incredible features and technology. Its Extra Hygiene 70°C wash program is designed to remove stubborn stains caused by cooking Indian food. Its Quick Wash program cleans your dishes quickly and easily. Its Eco Wash program makes sure that you save on electricity and water to keep your utility bills in check. Whether you prefer a freestanding dishwasher or an integrated (Built-in) model, an IFB Dishwasher is the perfect appliance to trust your dishwashing with.Dishwashers generally consume a lot of water and electricity. Well, this one from IFB proves that notion wrong on both counts. Say hello to Neptune VX's A++ energy efficiency. On an average, it uses only 9 liters of water a day, not affecting your water bill much.They spend their time loading and unloading dishes from dish machines, washing all pans or utensils that come into contact with food, and scraping identifiers off everything.

Additional Features

  • Unique Spray Action: Two large 360˚ spray arms and a wide angle shower spray water over every corner of the utensils.
  • Hot Water Wash: Kills germs upto 99.99% and efficiently removes masala stains from utensils using 70°C hot water.
  • Built-In Water Softening Device: Designed for locations with hard water. (External water softener required for water hardness above 800 ppm

Care Instructions

  • Avoid adding excessive dishes than the capacity
  • Clean the interior and dispensers.
  • Cleaning your product regularly will help you maintain them for a long time.
  • Inspect and clean the spinning Arms
  • Clean the edges and exterior
  • Unclog and clean the drain


Chargeable as per Distance.


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