Kent ULTRA STORAGE UV + UF 8L Water Purifier

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Color: White
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Install this stylish wall-mountable Kent Ultra Storage 8 L UV + UF Water Purifier in your home and ensure that water-borne diseases stay miles away from your home. This stylish and compact water purifier cleans your drinking water by using a Double Purification Process and Computer Controlled Operation. Also, it is ideal for tap/municipal water supply and for domestic purposes.

Additional Features

  • Advanced Fully Automatic UV Water Purifier Which Is Equipped With Multiple Purification Process, First By UV Followed By Hollow Fibre UF Membrane.
  • Ultra Storage Has 8 Litres Of Purified Water Storage Capacity. Its High Purification Capacity Of 60 L/Hr.
  • Ultra Storage Employs Multiple Purification Process That Works First By Uv, Followed By Hollow Fibre Uf Membrane To Completely Filter Out Dead Bacteria, Viruses And Cysts.
  • This Water Purifier Has An Activated Carbon Pre-Filter In The Purifier That Reduces Bad Taste And Odour.
  • Comes With Computer-Controlled Operations Like The Uv Fail Alarm That Alerts You When The Uv Lamp Becomes Inefficient.

Care Instructions

  • Replace all the filters annually or at the max of 12 months.
  • Replace the RO membranes annually.
  • Sanitize the water storage tanks.
  • Make sure to clean and sanitize the pipes every 2 years.
  • Replace and buy any new parts when necessary.
  • Check the pressure nozzle at regular intervals.
  • Delivery

    Chargeable as per Distance.


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