PHILIPS HD9383 Electric Kettle (1.8 L, Black)

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Color: Stainless steel
Power: 1800 W
Sale priceRs. 2,995.00

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1800 Watts Power With an impressive 1800 Watts of power, your Philips kettle has transformed how quickly you can enjoy a hot beverage. It boils water swiftly and efficiently, meaning you spend less time waiting and more time savoring your drinks. It's a powerful addition to your kitchen arsenal, aligning perfectly with your fast-paced lifestyle. Steam Sensor for Auto Cut-Off When Water BoilsThe steam sensor feature is a safety net that you greatly appreciate. It's like having an extra set of vigilant eyes on your kettle. This sensor ensures that the kettle automatically shuts off when water reaches its boiling point, preventing any potential mishaps. It's a thoughtful safety measure that adds an extra layer of protection. Dry Boiling and Overheating SensorsThe inclusion of dry boiling and overheating sensors is a true testament to the safety considerations put into this kettle. These sensors act as safeguards, ensuring that the kettle doesn't operate when there's no water or in case of overheating. You can now use your kettle with complete confidence and peace of mind. Strix Controller with 3 Sensors for Triple Safety Protection-The Strix controller with its three sensors provides triple safety protection, and it's a feature you don't take lightly. It combines multiple layers of safety measures, ensuring that your kettle operates under optimal conditions. This advanced technology ensures you can use your kettle worry-free. Cord Winder for Tidiness-The cord winder is a small yet significant convenience. No more dealing with tangled cords or unsightly loops. It keeps your countertop neat and clutter-free, adding an extra touch of organization to your kitchen space. It's those little details that make a big difference in your daily routine. 360 Degree Cordless Wire for Easy Storage-The 360-degree cordless wire is a game-changer in terms of maneuverability. You have the freedom to lift and pour from any angle without being restricted by a fixed cord. It's a small feature that adds a level of convenience to your daily interactions with the kettle, and it also makes storage a breeze. 1.8 Litres Capacity-The 1.8 L capacity of your Philips Kettle has been a game-changer in your daily routine. It means you can effortlessly prepare larger quantities of hot water for your favorite beverages or culinary endeavors. Whether it's a bustling breakfast or a relaxing afternoon tea, this ample capacity ensures you have enough hot water to meet your needs. 25% Thicker Body for Longer Life The 25% thicker body of your kettle has brought a sense of reassurance. It's a testament to its durability, giving you confidence that it can handle regular use without showing signs of wear and tear. This sturdier build ensures a longer lifespan, making it a reliable companion in your kitchen. Rustproof Body with SS 304 Grade Stainless Steel -The rustproof body crafted from SS 304 grade stainless steel is a practical marvel. You no longer worry about water residue causing unsightly rust stains. It's a relief knowing that even if water is accidentally left in the kettle, it won't compromise its integrity. This feature adds a level of convenience and peace of mind to your daily routine.

Additional Features

  • Power1800 Watts
  • Voltage Rating 200 V
  • Frequency50 Hz
  • 1.8 Litres, Electric Kettle
  • Ideal For: Water Boiling
  • Triple Safe Auto Cut-Off for Complete Peace of Mind
  • Rustproof Body for Hygenic Operation
  • Power: 1800 Watts
  • Ideal For Coffee | Water

Care Instructions

  • If your kettle has a cord, make sure it’s kept out of the way to prevent children or pets from tugging on it.
  • If it’s cracked or damaged in any way, stop using it Ensure that you don’t touch the outside of the kettle as it can get very hot.
  • If you notice a burning smell or any unusual noises, unplug the kettle immediately and contact the retailer and/or manufacturer.
  • Always turn off the kettle at the socket when not in use.


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Installation Details

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