Snoozer Pocketed Foam Mattress Beauty Sleep

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Colour: Grey
Firmness: Soft
Thickness: 8 inch
Sale priceRs. 169,490.00

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As the name suggests, this soft mattress is the perfect one to catch up on your Beauty Sleep after a long tiring day. Snoozer® understands that you need luxurious comfort to help you go to sleep faster, and for deep undisturbed sleep throughout the night. With a luxury mattress like Snoozer® Beauty Sleep® you have the experience of waking up fresh, just like the last time you stayed at your favourite five star hotel. Our plush Beauty Sleep® mattress gives you exactly the same experience as a luxury hotel mattress. In fact, most luxury hotels in India use Snoozer® mattress over other brands. With a no need to flip design, anti-allergy dust mite protection and firm sitting edges, the Snoozer Beauty Sleep® Mattress is reputed as one of the most comfortable, soft and best premium mattresses ever made in India. Experience the best sleep of your life when you sleep on this soft mattress, made for rejuvenating every part of your body.

Additional Features

  • Unique minimalistic waterfall design, Firm sitting edges & surface, No partner disturbance.
  • No need to flip.

Care Instructions

  • Use a mattress protector. A mattress protector is the best way to keep your mattress clean and free from allergens, dust mites, and spills. Be sure to choose a protector that is waterproof and hypoallergenic. Wash your mattress protector at least once a month, and replace it every 2-3 years.
  • Rotate and flip your mattress regularly. Rotating and flipping your mattress helps to distribute wear and tear evenly, extending the life of your mattress. Rotate your mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months, and flip it top to bottom if possible.
  • Spot clean stains immediately. If you spill something on your mattress, blot it up immediately with a clean cloth. Do not rub the stain, as this can spread it and make it more difficult to remove. If the stain persists, you can try using a mild cleaning solution, such as a mixture of water and dish soap. Be sure to test the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area of the mattress first to make sure it does not damage the fabric.
  • Vacuum your mattress regularly. Vacuuming your mattress helps to remove dust mites, dead skin cells, and other allergens. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to ensure that you are removing even the smallest particles.
  • Deep clean your mattress once a year. In addition to spot cleaning and vacuuming, it is also important to deep clean your mattress once a year. This will help to remove any built-up dirt, dust, and allergens.


Chargeable as per Distance.

Installation Details

The product comes ready to use and hence doesn't require installation.

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